School Item Pickup Schedule & Info.

Hey Everyone!

Please return my personal books and library books on friday. I have set out all your stuff in your bins in the hallway. This should only take a few minutes. Please dump your bin of items in a large bag that you bring with you and grab everything from your locker. Take PEAK stuff and science fair projects. Only hallway access is permitted, no access to the classroom. Thanks!

Ms. G

COVID-19 Parent Resources

There are many good resources on the internet about how parents can support their children in regard to COVID-19.  FMPSD has a continuously updated, great covid-19 FAQs page for parents.

Some common recommendations are:

  • Be reassuring and model calmness
  • Make yourself available to your children/teens
  • Monitor television and social media
  • Maintain a normal routine to the extent possible
  • Give honest and accurate information that is age-appropriate. 

Below are resources to help guide you in your conversations with parents/students/guardians, and provide them with specific information on carrying out the above recommendations. 

  • Information to help parents recognize and reduce stress in themselves.
  • Parent section on what changes to watch for in their children and ways to support. 
  • For parents with children/teens who have anxiety. Gives direction on maintaining normalcy, listening actively, validating, limiting and monitoring media, when to seek more help.
  • This link has responses for parents on 4 common questions kids ask: What is Corona Virus; How do you get it; Why are some people wearing masks and should I; Can you die from the virus

Thanks everyone, stay well.

Natalie Doucette, Provisional Psychologist, MC. 

Grade 6L Update

Thank you for all your concerns and messages regarding COVID-19. At this time we do not know what academics will look like for at least a few weeks. We are waiting for further instructions from Alberta Education and FMPSD.

This means we are not to send home any lessons or homework until we know what the province will be doing in regards to education. So please respect that I cannot send anything home to the students at this time, until we are instructed to do so. Take these next few weeks to relax, read, and recharge with your loved ones.

Make sure to do the following things:

Also please wipe down any electronics or items of frequent use, properly. Washing your hands often with soap to happy birthday twice.

I wish you and your families all well and hope you are all doing okay. Please email me or reach out to me if you need anything.


Ms. G

Eco-friendly Green Scene Science Fair Award

Hello Everyone!

Check this out if this applies to your child & their science fair project:

“FMPSD Green Scene is pleased to announce The Green Scene Environmental Award for two winning Science Fair Projects per school. Be creative! Topics in the past have included composting, waste reduction, renewable energy, alternatives to plastic, reforestation, plant, soil, air & water health. Think green, be green, let’s inspire!

2020 Green Scene Science Fair-1.jpg



Ms. G

Parent-Teacher Interview Related Questions :)

Hey Everyone!

Tonight was successful because all my parents & students are so amazing and hard working! That being said there are a few questions I was receiving that everyone could benefit from:

  1. What is the best way to prep for the PATs in May/June? The KEY study guide! These books are amazing and what I am using to help prepare the students to be successful on their exams. They would benefit from working through them at home as they are PAT style questions and how the PATs will be worded. You can purchase them here. Mr. Toner is also going to buy some at some point and will be available to you for purchase through the school. I’ll let you know when/if those become available. But if you want to purchase them now, just click this link & you can order them yourself.
  2. Where can we find the Science Units (science curriculum) used in class? These are all uploaded onto your child’s google classroom. Please have your child show you where the PDFs are uploaded.

For any questions or concerns, please feel free to shoot me an email at or click here to write me a message from my website. Also contacting me through remind is probably the fastest way to get in touch. Thanks so much! See the rest of you tomorrow!


Ms. G

Valentine’s Day

Hey Everyone!

I have decided to have a potluck on Friday for the student’s in the class for Valentine’s Day and to celebrate all our hard work in January and February. Here are some acceptable food items for the potluck:

  • Pretzels
  • Fruit
  • Veggies
  • Chips & Salsa & Dip
  • Samosas
  • Juice Boxes
  • Hummus & Crackers
  • Mini Pinwheel Pizzas
  • Peanut Free Treat Items

Let’s remember that we are a nut free school so please keep this in mind when buying your food items. We will have the potluck & games & crafts party at 1:15-2:15pm on Friday.

If you are sending Valentine’s Day cards to hand out to the class please make sure you provide one for all students. We have 29 students in the class. A class list is provided below.

  • Amine
  • Kevin
  • Tobin
  • Labiba
  • Hayden
  • Aalakshya
  • Leia
  • Julie
  • Aidan
  • Mona
  • Isabella
  • Gautam
  • Rushi
  • Anay
  • Reet
  • Adam
  • Guuled
  • Akbar
  • Kishore
  • Bhavya
  • Naiyya
  • Ahmed
  • Servando
  • Minahil
  • Ayaan
  • Trisha
  • Jessica
  • JRyelena
  • Isaia
  • Mrs. McCambley
  • Ms. Guilbeau

Any questions, please feel free to contact me on email or remind.


Ms. G

Science Fair Information

Hey Everyone!

As you have requested, here is all the information for the Wood Buffalo Regional Science Fair. Click on the link and it will take you to the website. When you get to the website click on students and parents in the top right hand corner.

Here is the logbook in a PDF for you to print off:

Our Walter & Gladys Hill Science Fair will be on March 16th. More information TBA.

Information for Friday March 27: (from the website)

  • Students in Grades 4, 5 and 6 are to arrive at the Grand Ballroom – Shell Place at MacDonald Island Park  at 8:15 am for registration. Students register and set-up their projects. They will receive lunch in the Exhibit Hall.Students in Grades 7-12 are staggered so they will arrive at 8:30am after the younger students.
  • Parents are welcome to stay with their students during this time but will be asked to leave at 8:45am. The exhibit hall will be closed to everyone except participants, judges and volunteers between 9:00am and 2:30pm.
  • Parents of Elementary participants are asked to pick up their students by 12:30pm  Parents of JR, IN, and SR students, can arrive at 2:30pm to pick-up their students at the doors to the Exhibit Hall inside the building. We will not allow students to leave the Exhibit Hall without a parent picking them up (without prior consent).
  • Students will be receiving a name tag and t-shirt that they will have to wear (along with a name tag) for the duration of the weekend.
  • Students will food allergies or other dietary considerations will be accommodated.

Information for Saturday March 28: (from the website)

  • All students are to arrive prior to 9:30am.
  • The doors will open for public and media viewing at 9:30am.
  • Students can visit other projects but are encouraged to stay near their own projects to explain and share their learning with the parents and public touring the projects!
  • The Awards Ceremony will start around 11:30am and clean-up will take place afterwards.
  • There will be no lunch served on Saturday, we hope to have students out of there by 1:00pm.

When you read the website, it will also go over project & registration checklist, safety & ethics, judging, judging process, awards and more. Please visit the website to read this information.


Ms. G