COVID-19 Parent Resources

There are many good resources on the internet about how parents can support their children in regard to COVID-19.  FMPSD has a continuously updated, great covid-19 FAQs page for parents. Some common recommendations are: Be reassuring and model calmness Make yourself available to your children/teens Monitor television and social media Maintain a normal routine toContinue reading “COVID-19 Parent Resources”

Eco-friendly Green Scene Science Fair Award

Hello Everyone! Check this out if this applies to your child & their science fair project: “FMPSD Green Scene is pleased to announce The Green Scene Environmental Award for two winning Science Fair Projects per school. Be creative! Topics in the past have included composting, waste reduction, renewable energy, alternatives to plastic, reforestation, plant, soil, air & water health.Continue reading “Eco-friendly Green Scene Science Fair Award”

Parent-Teacher Interview Related Questions :)

Hey Everyone! Tonight was successful because all my parents & students are so amazing and hard working! That being said there are a few questions I was receiving that everyone could benefit from: What is the best way to prep for the PATs in May/June? The KEY study guide! These books are amazing and whatContinue reading “Parent-Teacher Interview Related Questions :)”