Week 3: Think Outside the Box Challenge

Hey Everyone! For week 3 of e-learning the students were challenged to a “Create the Most Epic Paper Airplane”!  Since we were supposed to be starting our Air, Aerodynamics and Flight Units, so I wanted to choose a challenge related to that topic.           They were instructed to choose one model of paper airplane to designContinue reading “Week 3: Think Outside the Box Challenge”

Week 2: Think Outside the Box Challenge

Hey everyone! To celebrate our second week of e-learning we had a create your own alien competition. This was to celebrate finishing learning about our sky science/space unit. Here were the rules: The winner of our competition for week 2 is Bhavya! A very special student who created and submitted his alien named Zorkle whoContinue reading “Week 2: Think Outside the Box Challenge”

Week 1: Think Outside the Box Challenge

Hey everyone! During week 1 of e-learning, I challenged the students to make a Rube Goldberg Machine of their own! Our winner of the Rube Goldberg Machine is Gautam because of his creativity and accuracy! Here are some other amazing creations the students came up with! Hope you enjoyed these & can’t wait to seeContinue reading “Week 1: Think Outside the Box Challenge”

Home Learning Week 1: Mar 30 – Apr 3

Week 1 – Mar 30 – Apr 3  Weekly Homework Schedule Mrs. Horsley & Ms. Guilbeau Good afternoon Parents/Guardians/Students: Thank you for your patience as we work through unprecedented times and new ways of learning! This will be the first round of at home learning for your child. These will continue indefinitely on a weeklyContinue reading “Home Learning Week 1: Mar 30 – Apr 3”

#ABLearningAtHome #FMPSDLearningAtHome

WGH is encouraging showcasing our amazing students and their home learning! Please send in pictures (by gmail) to your homeroom teacher (Mrs. Horsley or me) with parental written consent that we can post the pictures on the schools facebook page or website. This is a super exciting time to get creative in your learning spaceContinue reading “#ABLearningAtHome #FMPSDLearningAtHome”

FMPSD Helpful Website for Parents

Good Morning FMPSD Family; If you haven’t seen it yet on social media, thanks to the Education Department and Abbi Easton, we have a dedicated website for parents. There are tons of resources on here to support families during class cancellation. You can also find the website through the Division website and all 16 schoolContinue reading “FMPSD Helpful Website for Parents”