WGH Has Talent!

Hello Everyone!

Walter & Gladys Hill is proud to present our talent show on May 29th!

All students are encouraged to participate and those who enter the talent show will be put in for a draw for a pizza party from Mr. toner!

Here are the guidelines. Please note that if these guidelines are not followed, the talent will NOT be posted.  This is a virtual Talent Show that will be done through facebook, so in order to apply you must email Mrs. Young with a recording of yourself or with a picture of your talent.  You WILL NOT be auditioning in person as we are still practicing social distancing.

1) Talent must be between 1-3 min. 

2) Talent must be appropriate for all ages in the school (nothing scary or inappropriate words).

3) Talent CAN include dance, singing, instrumental, poetry reading, a picture of art, etc. 

4) NO group talents will be allowed unless you live in the same house (we must still keep social distancing).

5) Siblings CAN perform together.

6) Talents must be sent to Mrs. Young’s email no later than Monday, May 18th (please do not send it to the homeroom teacher). 

7) Talents must include full name and grade.

*please note: We may have to divide the show by division if we receive many pictures or videos. Please check facebook and email for any updates. 

Thank you!

Mrs. Young 🙂

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