Important Update From Alberta Education

Hello Everyone!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone is staying safe and happy in their homes. I have some updates for you from Alberta Education regarding what education will look like for the rest of the school year. Please visit this link and go through it as a family so all parents/guardians and kids understand what is expected of them.

Students must complete the required 5 hours of work per week and will be getting a final report card based on their at home work which will have to be submitting into google classroom. Mrs. Horsley and I will be delivering the exact same material so you can chat online to your friends or either of us to help you with the course work that will be delivered to you.

This is a challenging time, full of unknowns so we are still working out the kinks/specifics with Alberta Education and FMPSD.


  • How we will be grading/assessing students for the final report card
  • If we are to complete the learning objectives we haven’t completed yet which were to be covered in term 3 OR if we are working on learning objectives that will be necessary to close the learning gap in order to be successful in their next grade
  • DATES/DEADLINES for teachers to start delivering coursework, as of right now we still do not have a start date although it should be given to us very soon.
  • Many more general and specific questions (AB ED & FMPSD are still working out all the details)

Thank you for all your patients during this time. This is only an UPDATE for you all as there are still a lot of details to work through at the moment. I will update you when we will be starting our coursework officially.


Ms. G

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