Grade 6L! You have a challenge!

I have decided that since we are awaiting the go ahead for class work to start I would give you a mind challenge! You are all to build your own Rube Goldberg Machine at home with whatever you have around the house. Film it and pass it into google classroom in a video and I will post the winner on google classroom and on my website if you’d like.

This fantastic Rube Goldberb Machine is fantastic with its simplicity yet is very complicated. With the start of online learning just around the corner wouldn’t it be fun to challenge the students at WGH to create their own Rube Goldberb Machine and then posted it on their grades or classes online platform? 

Check this video out as an inspiration and then build your own! You have one week! It’ll be due on Monday, March 30th at 2:45pm in google classroom!


Ms. G

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