Important COVID-19 Update

Good Morning Everyone!

We have just heard a recent update from Jennifer Turner, our new superintendent of FMPSD. She says, “We place the health and safety of our staff, students, and families as our top priority. Due to the changing status of COVID-19 effective immediately, we will be restricting access to public schools to staff only. If there are students with medically necessary items such as medication, glasses, hearing aids etc. please phone your school and make arrangements to collect those items. Otherwise, we are asking students and families to please refrain from going to the school. We recognize this is a change in our previous messaging and apologize for any confusion or frustration that may result. The health and safety of all students and staff are our priority and we continue to try to respond to the best of our abilities.”.

So from this moment on, until you hear otherwise, we are not allowing any students or parents to come get any student belongings from the school unless medically necessary. Sorry about all the confusion, although we are doing our best to update you as we are updated and keep everyone safe at this trying time.

Stay well, enjoy your time at home with your loved ones, and please keep in touch if you need anything! Keep your food stocked, gas tank never lower than 3/4 full and keep up with the news.


Ms. G

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