COVID-19 Parent Resources

There are many good resources on the internet about how parents can support their children in regard to COVID-19.  FMPSD has a continuously updated, great covid-19 FAQs page for parents.

Some common recommendations are:

  • Be reassuring and model calmness
  • Make yourself available to your children/teens
  • Monitor television and social media
  • Maintain a normal routine to the extent possible
  • Give honest and accurate information that is age-appropriate. 

Below are resources to help guide you in your conversations with parents/students/guardians, and provide them with specific information on carrying out the above recommendations. 

  • Information to help parents recognize and reduce stress in themselves.
  • Parent section on what changes to watch for in their children and ways to support. 
  • For parents with children/teens who have anxiety. Gives direction on maintaining normalcy, listening actively, validating, limiting and monitoring media, when to seek more help.
  • This link has responses for parents on 4 common questions kids ask: What is Corona Virus; How do you get it; Why are some people wearing masks and should I; Can you die from the virus

Thanks everyone, stay well.

Natalie Doucette, Provisional Psychologist, MC. 

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