Raven Rambler Jan. 27-31

Ms. Guilbeau’s Class

6L Newsletter

Dear grade six families,

Coming Up & Due Dates…

  • January 27 – New after school clubs available at 6pm on school website!
  • January 29 – Bell Let’s Talk Mental Health Awareness Day (Wear Blue & Green)
  • February 12/13 – Parent Teacher Interviews (Sign up on school website!)
  • February 17 – Family Day (No School)
  • February 24-28 – No School this week, Teachers Convention
  • March 16 – School Science Fair
  • March 27 – Regional Science Fair

Homework & Due Dates

  • January 27 – Reading Comprehension Homework, Crest Homework, Turtle Art, 3 Poems Due
  • January 27 – Evidence & Investigation Unit Test and Math Unit 3 Unit Test
  • January 30 – Long Division Booklets Due
  • January 30 – Poetry Unit Test
  • February 3 – Reading Comprehension Homework Due (Every Monday)
  • February 10 – Reading Comprehension Homework Due, Spelling WTW Test
  • February 18 – Reading Comprehension Homework Due (Tuesday)
  • March 2 – Reading Comprehension Homework Due, Spelling WTW Test
  • March 9 – Reading Comprehension Homework Due (Every Monday)
  • March 16 – Reading Comprehension Homework Due, Spelling WTW Test
  • March 23 – Reading Comprehension Homework Due (Every Monday)
  • March 30 – Reading Comprehension Homework Due, Spelling WTW Test
‘I couldn’t think of a science fair project so I just re-invented the wheel.’

After School Clubs


Tuesday: 3-4pm Tech & Trade 5/6 Boys, Girls Basketball

Wednesday: 3-4pm Tech & Trade Multimedia, 3-4pm Tech & Trade 5/6 Girls, Boys Basketball

Thursday: 3-4pm Tech & Trade Grade 4, Girls Basketball

Science fair judge sees flower pot broken on floor near sign saying ‘gravity’.

Parents/Thank You

  • I am still looking for 1-2 parent representative(s) for our parent council.  As we will be planning a Grade Six Trip and Farewell, we would like to have as many parents as possible have input in helping us plan and fundraise. This is a super important role for our class & school and we’d appreciate anyone who is able to take on this role.
  • Please check powerschool every Monday for new marks that went up. Message me if you have any questions or concerns.


  • Students are finishing Unit 3: Decimals. Test Monday Jan.27
  • Students will begin Unit 5 in their math textbook on Tuesday Jan. 28
  • We are continuing to work on fact fluency (simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). Please continue to practice long division using the help post I provided last week & the practice booklets that were sent home (due date on Jan 30th).

Language Arts

  • Spelling: Students are working on spelling and building their vocabulary with weekly spelling words.  Students will be bringing these words home on Monday and will have a test every 2 weeks on Monday on those words. All these tests are available on powerschool within a few days of them writing them. (WTW Test on Feb. 10th)
  • Reading: Please continue reading for 20 minutes every night, have a parent sign off on the reading and making sure to complete book reports.
  • Reading Strategies: We have been working on inferencing using the book Crime, Body, Suspect.
  • Writing: Our class is currently finishing our Poetry Unit (Test on Thursday Jan. 30th) & then we will be starting narrative story writing.

Social Studies

  • Students are continuing to learn about Local Government and how it works.


  • Students have their final Evidence and Investigation Unit Test on Monday Jan.27th then we are moving onto our 3rd Science topic of the year Space.
High School Science Project Competition

Leader in Me

  • Our focus from mid-January to mid-February is Love & Respect, Reflecting & Habit #4 Think Win Win.

Genius Hour

  • We are starting our Term 2 projects on Wednesday. More information on that shortly.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  You can send me a message on Remind or send an e-mail to kennedy.guilbeau@fmpsd.ab.ca.

I can’t believe we are in the last week of January already, this is so exciting! Big things are coming up and I know students cannot wait for all the new units we are starting!


Ms. G

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