Spirit Week

Hey Everyone!

This week at WGH it is Spirit Week! Yay! Spirit days as follows:

  • Monday: Hat Day – Wear your best hat to school!
  • Tuesday: Formal Day – Wear your fanciest attire!
  • Wednesday: The Grinch’s Class Switch – A grinchy surprise will be coming your way!
  • Thursday: Pajama Bed Head Day – Wear your comfiest pajamas and don’t forget NOT to brush your hair!

Our Winter Party is on Tuesday, December 17th! We will be having food, secret santa gifts & crafts. It will be super fun! So please make sure to bring in a treat for the class & don’t forget your secret santa gift. 🙂

It is the last few days of our food bank fundraiser! We are in the lead, having brought in the most food of any class although other classes still could beat us & take the lead so please make sure to keep bringing in any food you can so we can help those in need during this holiday season. (We also want to win the pizza party for most food brought in & i’m slightly competitive haha!)


Ms. G

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