Christmas Gift Ideas…(for your teacher)

Hey Everyone!

It’s coming to that time of year where teachers and students like to celebrate the holidays with a Christmas party, gifts, food, and games. This is so much fun to celebrate our success over the past 4 months of school and just have an afternoon of fun! Although there are a few things to keep in mind.

Class Christmas Party: We will be celebrating our class Christmas party on Tuesday Dec. 17 at 12:30. Students all have been assigned a classmate for secret santa and we will be doing our gift exchange then. Students will also be assigned a food item to bring to our christmas party in the next few days. Pay attention to my website, remind, and watch for a letter home regarding those details.

Secret Santa: Secret Santa is a fun Christmas tradition, where students and staff are assigned someone secret to purchase a gift for, to celebrate the holidays. Each student in our class has been assigned someone secret to purchase a gift for, with a maximum of $20.00. Please keep the price in mind when purchasing this gift so that someone does not go home with super expensive items, and some with nothing. Students have their secret santa’s wish list to help when purchasing the gift.

Teacher Gift: All teachers appreciate when their students buy them a gift for Christmas, although it is most definitely not expected. It is so thoughtful and kind of you. Although I thought I should let you all know a little about me, to help you with this time of year. 🙂

I am a vegan, so I don’t eat milk or any dairy. Although if you already purchased Christmas chocolates with this ingredient in it, don’t worry because I have a boyfriend who loves dairy haha!

I love candles, plants, fuzzy socks, gift cards (ie. starbucks, tims, earls, le château, save on foods, dynamite, amazon, coles, chapters, indigo, staples etc.) although the best gift card of all would be to which is a website that helps teachers find & purchase new material for their students and class. I love books, scarfs, stationary supplies, mugs, vegan candy and vegan chocolate, davids tea, and Christmas ornaments.

Hope this gave you a few ideas to help you with any teacher’s gifts. We completely appreciate every single one of our student and parents, and all that you do.

Cheers & Happy Holidays,

Ms. G

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