Student Vote Update!

Hey Everyone!

In the last few weeks the students in 6L went over who is running in the Federal Election and created posters in groups about each of the parties running. They presented their information on the election to everybody in the class. I have to admit it was pretty impressive how much they knew about the candidates & their platforms and how excited they were to cast their student vote today!

We are truly lucky that the 2019 Canadian Federal Election is during our grade 6 year together at WGH and we made sure to take advantage of the incredible learning opportunity! In class we watched the highlights from the federal leader’s debate. It’s incredible for me to watch students begin to understand the election process and form their own opinions of what Canada needs done & changed.

After their presentations, we went online to complete our student vote compass to see what party each student individually aligned with. I encourage you (parents) to complete the adult version of this vote compass (your children can show you how to do it) to see which party might have your vote on election day (Oct 21st). It might be interesting to complete individually in your family then discuss with one another your points of view.

Here are our election posters from 6L. They are jam packed with information on each party which students found from here.

Our students wrote about all the 14 major platforms that each party has a plan for:

  • Economy
  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmacare
  • International Relations
  • Education & Training
  • Immigration
  • Housing
  • Transit
  • Childcare
  • Indigenous Issues
  • Justice

Let’s see them in action!

Thanks for everyone’s hard work to make our student vote a success! I know everyone single student in 6L with be an active member of Canada’s democracy for forever!


Ms. G

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