Nightly Expectations

In 6L we have reading, a small piece of writing, and math every night with a book report that is due every two weeks. This homework should be built into their daily home routine so that it becomes a habit.

This week (week 2) they will only have the reading & writing component and math will start on week 3.

Reading: Every night students are expected to read for 20 minutes out of the book they will be writing their book report on. They should finish reading their book within the 2 weeks so they can complete their report on time.

Writing: Every night students will record a summary of their nightly reading in their homework books on their reading log. It will look like this:

Students will need to fill out the date, what chapter(s) or pages (ie. p. 4-28) they were able to read in the 20 minutes and a summary of what they read THAT night, NOT the topic of the book as a whole.

The reading log will be filled out every night, with a parent signature.

Book Report: Every two weeks a book report will be due on the monday. So students will need to finish their desired book a few days ahead of the book report due date so they have time to work on the book report. The book reports will cycle from fiction to nonfiction to a comic book. Here is a schedule of the book report due dates for September to December:

  • Book Report #1 – Any Genre – Due: Sept 23rd (Monday)
  • Book Report #2 – Fiction – Due: Oct 7th (Monday)
  • Book Report #3 – Nonfiction – Due: Oct 21st (Monday)
  • Book Report #4 – Comic Book – Due: Nov 4th (Monday)
  • Book Report #5 – Fiction – Due: Nov 18th (Monday)
  • Book Report #6 – Nonfiction – Due: Dec 2nd (Monday)
  • Book Report #7 – Comic Book – Due: Dec 16th (Monday)

***If a student is an avid reader and finishes their book report book quite quickly, it is expected that they still read for 20 minutes each night from any book they’d like. Practicing reading in any form is always a good thing.***

Math: Math homework will be assigned randomly based on if there are extension questions to follow our work in class that day. Any days that they are not assigned math homework, it is expected that they log onto prodigy or mathletics for 20 minutes that evening.

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